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Here Are The 9 People You’ll See At The Fourth Of July Barbecue

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It’s that time of the year again!

We’ve been to a few family gatherings over the years, but the Fourth of July barbecue always brings out people from the woodwork. You don’t seem them often, but the moments you’ve shared in the past helps the conversations be less awkward. And if you’re welcoming enough, these family members will find a way to invade your space with their electric and sometimes pesky attitudes.

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We all know it’s the duty of our family to keep us on our toes and have us laughing non-stop. Here are some of the people you will run into at the family BBQ.

1. The Drunk Uncle

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He’s there for the food and of course, the beer. We all love our drunk uncle, whether he’s yapping about why he’s mad at his neighbor this week or why he’s hates Donald Trump. Either way you know he’s going to bring his blunt perspective to the party.

2. The Revolutionary 

Source: Giphy

They’ve signed every GoFundMe petition you can think of and they can recite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “mountain top” speech backwards. Sure’s it’s sweet that they’ve taken an interest in social and civil rights issues, but sometimes all you want to do is eat a burger and listen to Frankie Beverly and Maze.

3. The “Chris Brown” Type 

Source: Giphy

Think a la BET Awards; he’s at the party every year and either invites his ex or current flame but still manages to have a good time. Even when he’s dealing with his drama, he leads the Soul Train line and scoops up a few honeys and Instagram likes.

4. The Girlies 

Source: Giphy

We love the girlies! They’re strictly there to look cute by wearing the highest heel to the barbecue. With the right food and the perfect blended coquito, the shoes will come flying off and they’ll jam out to “Feeling Myself” with the rest of us.

6. The Master Chef 

Source: Giphy

The master chef is the one that’s often standing by the grill, telling you the steak is too rare or the hot dogs aren’t burnt enough. Once you offer for them to take over, they’re gone faster than the cheeseburgers. That is, until someone compliments the food — then he’s Bobby Flay over here.

7. The Faux DJ

Source: Giphy

Sure, they’ve held down a few parties in college, but somehow, someway they know what tunes work with the crowd. Shalamar for the adults, Rae Sremmurd for the kiddies, and a little Kendrick Lamar for the folks in between.

8. The Party Starter 

Source: Giphy

The party starter can be your adorable six-year-old cousin dancing or your auntie who jumped up once “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross blasted from the speakers. Their energy is enticing and comical, but has everyone wanting to jump on the outdoor dance floor.

9.  The Fly Guy 

Source: Giphy

Much like the girlies, he came to stunt. He’s also in the cut taking selfies with his bruhs and thinking about what hot spot he’s going to next. He’ll dip out early but will end up at the BBQ just in time for when the food is ready.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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