Hiring A Consultant: The Fastest Way To Wealth

One of the areas our community often fails in is hiring a consultant to help us reach the next level. For some reason we expect people to give us their time and expertise for free. Far too many of our people take advice from other broke people because it’s free. Here’s what a good consultant can do for you:

  • Save you money by teaching you what is more likely to work.
  • Help you make more money by teaching you what is more likely to work.
  • Refer you to people, businesses, etc. that can help you reach your goals.

Master P and Michael Jackson

Master P tells a story about paying $25k to meet with Michael Jackson’s attorney. In that meeting he learned that he needed to get a distribution deal. He later signed one of the most talked about deals in hip hop history. 80/20 with Master P getting the 80%. His distributor didn’t think he’d sell as many records as he did.

  • If he hadn’t paid for the consultation he might not have known to get a distribution deal.
  • If he hadn’t paid for the consultation he might not have made hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • If he hadn’t paid for the consultation he might have just been another rapper that disappeared into the background after his career ended.

How To Choose A Consultant.

Many people choose their consultants based on whether or not they consult as a profession. What our community often doesn’t know is that professional consultants often aren’t as rich as the people they consult, they often don’t invest their own money, and often aren’t actively involved in the industries they’re consulting for.

The Best Consultants

The best consultants tend to be people that consult as a side hustle. Michael Jackson’s attorney is a great example of this. His profession was attorney, but he consulted on the side because of his knowledge and experience in the music industry.

  • Find someone in the industry you want to be in.
  • Ask them if they’ll sit down and talk to you.
  • Don’t waste their time or your money if you aren’t serious.

I’m the perfect person to hire if you need consulting on self publishing and book marketing, but I’d be a terrible consultant to hire for starting a bakery. Find someone that has experienced success in the industry you want to be in, approach them respectfully and professionally, and ask them if they offer consulting for people interested in getting into their area of business. Not everyone will be willing to help you, but someone will.

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