Dear Black People: Don’t Just Eat Chicken… Invest In It

It’s no secret that black people LOOOOOVE chicken. Popeye’s recently proved that fact when they siphoned an estimated $100,000,000 out of the black community when they had the brilliant idea to put their same ol chicken on two slices of white bread. Dr. Claude Anderson gives his perspective on the situation via Dr. Boyce Watkins’ YouTube channel.

My Response To The Situation

I will admit that I was super irritated that our people lined up for hours just for chicken and I expressed that on Facebook with no apologies. However, I’m also a lot more conscious of how the game is played. Instead of just being mad about it, I thought about possible scenarios:

  • What if KFC sees this and decides to grab a lot of black money?
  • What if Burger King and Wendy’s start a chicken nugget war?
  • How can I benefit if either of these scenarios happen?

My conclusion was to invest. Please keep in mind that I invest long term with no intention to sell unless there’s a super valid reason for doing so.

Yum! Brands (Symbol: YUM)

Because Popeye’s was still in the middle of the hype, I rightly assumed that KFC stock would be down, which it was. And without a second thought I invested in Yum! Brands. What I didn’t know before this was the Yum! Brands also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. I would’ve just been happy with KFC, but three for the price of one isn’t bad.

Restaurant Brands International (Symbol: QSR)

My next order of business after the hype died down was to acquire stock in Popeye’s. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. RBI also owns Burger King and Tim Horton’s (never heard of them). I was definitely into getting a piece of Burger King, but had no idea what Tim Horton’s was, so I looked it up. It’s basically the Starbucks of Canada. Sounds great to me.

More Chicken and Chicken Nuggets To Consider

Why stop at owning a piece of the two most popular chicken places in America? There are others that are worthy of looking into but often don’t get as much buzz as the other two.

  • El Pollo Loco: LOCO
  • Wendy’s: WEN
  • Wingstop: WING
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: BWLD

The Breakdown

Next time a white owned business dips it’s hands into the black community to take out a millions of dollars in exchange for chicken, we should be ready so we too can benefit from the money grab. By investing in these businesses it ensures that at least some of the profit remains in our community for a little bit longer.

Masterclass – Wealth Building Tip

If you have a Stash debit card, use it whenever you eat at any Yum! Brands or Restaurant Brands International owned chain. You will automatically earn stock back while you enjoy your chicken, pizza, burgers, tacos, etc.

Wendy’s is involved in some kind of real estate joint venture with Restaurant Brands International, so it may be a good idea to invest in Wendy’s or at the very least keep an eye on their real estate activity, and not just their food.

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