This page should answer most of your questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer it in a timely manner.

How do we choose which authors to market?

The selection process is quite simple. We choose authors that are actively building, marketing, and promoting their brand. We also look for the following:

  1. Professional book cover design.
  2. Existing book reviews (4.0 or higher)
  3. U.S. citizen.

Hint: We watch the forums to see who’s actively making an effort to market their book and grow their brand. We sometimes make decisions based on what we see and not necessarily the application details.

How many new authors do you promote at a time?

We only select 1 – 3 authors per month to market and promote. This gives us a full month to exclusively promote them across our network.

How does your service help authors?

Our display network has a predominately (98%) black demographic ranging from ages 18 – 64. Everyone else falls outside of that demographic.

  1. We provide you with FREE marketing.
  2. We provide you with a FREE author website.
  3. We provide you with FREE author consultation ($120 / hour value)

We already have the eyes and ears of the audience you want to reach.

How long do you market the authors you work with?

We offer author marketing services in three phases:

  • Phase 1: (Days 1 – 30) Featured exclusively across every site in our display network.
  • Phase 2: (Days 31 – 60) We teach you how to build your brand and attract regular visitors to your website.
  • Phase 3: (Days 61 – 90) We show you how to establish up to 4 new income streams.

After Phase 3 we’ll continue to list your book on our website and drive traffic to your author website.

What is your display network?

Our display network consists of three main sites:

  1. BlackHistoryInTheBible.com
  2. HebrewSphere.com
  3. AllBlackBooks.com

Combined, these sites receive over 50,000 unique visitors per month. In addition to being displayed on the above sites, books are also displayed on all of our author sites, which receive varying amounts of traffic.