Distribution can mean the difference between selling a few books and selling thousands of books. Knowing who the major distributors are and how to sign up is a game changer. The following list is a mix of digital and physical distributors with their sign up links to submit your books.

Distribution Services

If you’re willing to give up a small piece of your profit, there are distribution services that will submit your books to online retailers and track all sales for you. If not, you’ll have to sign up for each of the distributors individually.

  • Draft2Digital (eBooks only)
  • PublishDrive (eBooks only)
Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • Paperback Publishing
  • Kindle Publishing
  • Distribution on Amazon
  • Book Store Distribution
  • Library Distribution
Barnes & Noble
  • Distribution on Barnes & Noble Online
  • In Store Ordering
  • Nook Publishing
Google Play Books
  • eBook Distribution
  • Allows linking to other book formats on other distributor websites.
Apple Books
  • eBook Distribution
  • Does not allow links to other distributors to be placed inside of books.
Kobo / Walmart
  • eBook Distribution
  • Searchable on Kobo and Walmart’s website.