All Black Books (ABB) was started by Dante Fortson for the purpose of cataloging, marketing, and promoting black books and authors online. We are a family owned and operated online book directory. We know how hard it can be for black authors without major publishing deals to achieve success in the publishing industry. Even authors with major publishing deals sometimes have trouble selling their book because non black owned publishing companies have trouble marketing black authors.

  • Major publishing companies often can’t reach the proper target market.
  • Major publishing companies often make wrong assumptions about what black readers want to read and how much we actually read.
  • Major publishing companies often know very little about the authors they’re trying to promote and the demographic they’re promoting to.

We don’t have those problems when it comes to serving our people.

The ABB Difference

We know how to market and promote your book because we understand more about our own people than most other book marketing companies and publishers. Not only that… our service is 100% FREE TO BLACK AUTHORS that have a book published on Amazon.

  • We list your books in multiple categories.
  • We add multiple tags to each listing to improve search results.
  • We promote your book across multiple sites for FREE!!!
How We Get Paid

Instead of fighting with and complaining about Amazon being the biggest fish in the sea, we base our business model around Amazon. Amazon pays us as an affiliate, which means that we get a cut of all book sales that are referred through our site, which means extra $$$ for us, and free marketing and promotion for you.

  • Amazon pays us 4% of the retail price for each book sale.
  • Amazon does not charge the customer more to buy your book.
  • Amazon does not take our commission out of your royalty.

This business model allows us to keep our overhead low and most of our services free.

Changing The Book Publishing Industry

All Black is the first book marketing company that specializes in marketing and promoting black authors free of charge, whether they are independently published or signed to a major publisher. It doesn’t matter if you’ve sold 1 copy or 1,000,000 copies. We do not discriminate against our own.

  • We will promote any black authored book published on Amazon free of charge to the author.
  • We add books as we find them and on a first come first serve basis when submitted to us.
  • We view black authors more as partners than as a paycheck.

We actively search Amazon for black authored books to add to our directory. We promote many of our people without them even asking or knowing that we do it. Our goal is to put more money in the hands of our people without having to take a lot of money out of your hands to do it.


Do I have to be published on Amazon to submit my book?

Yes. We do not accept submissions for books not published on Amazon. Please visit KDP Publishing for more information on publishing through Amazon.

Do I have to be the author of the book to submit a book?

No. Anyone can submit a book as long as you are a confirmed email subscriber. It’s easy and FREE to subscribe to All Black

  • Click here to subscribe.
  • Check for our “confirmation” email.
  • Click the confirmation link.
How Do I Get A Book Removed From Your Site?

Only authors, publishers, and rights holders may request a book to be removed from our directory. There are no exceptions to this rule. To request a book to be removed, please use our contact form.

How Many Books Can I Submit?

You may submit as many books as you want, but they can only be submitted one at a time.

When Will My Book Show Up On The Site?

We try to add your book as fast as possible. In some cases it may be a few hours and in others it might be a few days. Our goal is 3 – 5 business days after submission.

  • Please do not submit your book more than once per month if it has not yet been added.
  • If you do not know if your book has been added to the site, please see the next question.If
How Can I Find Out If My Book Has Been Listed?

Search for your name or book title. If your book has been added to the directory, it will show up in the search results.

If you submitted your book more than 30 days ago and it has not been listed, please see the next question.

Its Been Over 30 Days… Why Isn’t My Book Listed?

There are only a few reasons why your book would not be listed at this point.

  1. We are way behind for some reason, in which case we apologize, but we’ll get to it.
  2. You have not confirmed your email.
  3. Your book is not listed for sale on Amazon.
  4. The author, publisher, or rights holder has requested that we remove it from the site.
  5. You pissed off the wrong person and it got removed.

If you have taken steps to fix the above issues, please resubmit your book. If you have double checked and the above reasons don’t apply to you, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get it resolved.